[REVIEW] Moana

Caitlin Mclaren

A female who isn’t a princess? IN A DISNEY FILM? WHAT?!

In other shocking news, Disney have released 2 new films in a year, yes you heard that right! Moana being the second release after Zootopia. I’ll be honest, when I went to watch this, I wasn’t too excited by the idea of the plot or the overall feel of the film.

But hey! I went in with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. Although this wasn’t nearly one of Disney’s finest. I’m glad they’ve started introducing films with alternative morals with Moana speaking to us about Mother Nature.

The film’s plot was typical, a young village girl wanting to break out as she thinks there’s more to life than what their parents tell them. But there was something almost beautiful about Moana, the fact that she seemed so real helped a lot. I mean, apart from the mad little coconuts that are trying to sabotage her mission and the fact that she meets a demigod who betrayed mother nature. All joking aside, I think Disney tried to create something that hadn’t been done before and now that they’re taking their films on a different tangent then it will be interesting to see where this will take us over the next few years.

It was almost adult in its approach to the subject. Although there were parts throughout that made us giggle, especially that damn chicken ruining everything.

All in all, if you’re after something a bit different and out there then it’s definitely a film to go and see!


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