[REVIEW] Moonlight

Kelsie Dickinson

Set in Miami, Moonlight follows the tale of Chiron throughout his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood as he struggles with the issues of his surroundings, identity and sexuality. With a drug addicted mother, and taken under the wing of the local drug dealer, Chiron must learn to cope with the struggles in his early life.

With hard hitting real depictions of life, and Chiron’s battles as he grows, Jenkins does a remarkable job of pacing the film, splitting it in to three different chapters, each a different stage in Chiron’s Depicting drug abuse, psychological abuse, bullying, homophobia and the evolution of a boy struggling and denying his sexuality, Moonlight does not disappoint as one of the best films in recent years. A story about love, friendship, conflict and hardship, Moonlight’s simplicity gives it realness.

The plot is not complex, but certainly makes it impossible to not feel empathetic and sadness as the story unfolds. Moonlight offers something completely different to current cinema. Even the soundtrack adds to the emotional pull and weight of the story, making it hard to stop watching.

Visually, the cinematography is beyond beautiful, with each scene almost glowing. Moonlight’s visuals reflect its title as the film is dripping with colour, making it a lovely watch.

A great, unique performance is given by all three actors who play Chiron through-out his life, Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes come together to create a real, confused and scared character. The acting as a whole is brilliant and adds to the films deserving reputation.

Moonlight makes several statements, some personal, some social, and offers up a different type of cinematic experience and is certainly not a forgettable film.

Barry Jenkin’s 3 time Oscar winning coming-of-age film is a captivating and truly bitter sweet modern masterpiece. Critically acclaimed as a genre defying film, Moonlight is certainly worth the watch.

5 Stars

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