[REVIEW] Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Georgie Clark

Weirdest yet Most Addictive Game I have ever Played.

We’ve all experienced those unfortunate and seemingly life- ruining days: hangover days. You wake up, stare around with your bleary raisin eyes and contemplate eating a whole tub of instant mashed potato whilst downing litres of orange juice. However, very occasionally, something beautiful can come out of those days. Nothing strenuous, obviously; I’m not talking running a marathon or knitting a jumper.

No, the magical activity that I came across after dragging myself from my reeking pit of shame was PlayStation based and was only £6.99. The name of the creation happened to be (please stay with me here) Octodad: Dadliest Catch. The cover art for this diamond in the rough of PS games under £15 simply involved an octopus in a suit, surrounded by a family of humans.

The aim of the game, my friend and me quickly realised, was to complete everyday tasks to the best of your ability in order to maintain the rouse that you are actually a human. For example, on 2- Player mode with each person controlling one side of the octopus’ body, you firstly have to do things like make a cup of coffee (seriously, insanely hard to achieve) and mow the lawn. Again, stay with me! After that sort of menial crap, the game really comes into its own with a visit to the aquarium. Here, you get to help your human children complete arcade games, swim through the tanks and avoid the seemingly unstable chef that, for some reason, is totally aware you are an octopus. After the aquarium fandango, we are transported onto a fishing boat, in order to give some context to the admittedly ridiculous situation.

I know, it sounds really weird. Throw in some ‘blub’ (the apparent noise of the octopus) translating subtitles, such as ‘getting his game- face on blub’ and ‘terrified avoidance blub’ and various outfit changes, this game is almost mesmerising. Despite the strange and inexplicable sea- life theme, it genuinely contains some moving and emotional overtones when it comes to family values and the importance of honesty. I, for some reason, cannot recommend this enough.

Recommendation: ‘blub!’

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