[REVIEW] Office Christmas Party

Kelsie Dickinson

Featuring a female pimp, cocaine in a snow machine and a scene where Jennifer Aniston easily beats up 3 large men, just because she can, Office Christmas Party is a fun, rowdy Christmas flick that delivers on the gags and the party action, but not much else.    

Office Christmas Party centres on Clay (T.J Miller), a laid-back, self-proclaimed party legend who runs his business carelessly. His sister, Carol (Jennifer Aniston), a straight to business kind-of woman, who carries The Grinch’s ‘Christmas spirit’ through-out the film, is in charge and threatens to shutdown Clay’s branch by the end of the Quarter. Clay, and his entrusted employees, made up of Josh (Jason Bateman) and Tracey (Olivia Munn) among others, propose a deal with Carol to save the branch.  Of course the deal relies on throwing an epic Office Christmas Party, kick starting the film into a Hangover like rampage of drugs, slapstick comedy and dance-offs.

With multiple scenes of somewhat extreme violence and a constant flow of jokes, the film does a good job of entertaining and reminding us of family values. However, can drag at times and lacks any real, laugh until you’re sore kind of moments.

The cast carry it at times, which is what really stops Office Christmas Party from disappointing.   The film is light-hearted and throws in a few cliché “this is what Christmas is really about” moments, which is to be expected from a simple, Christmas comedy.

One thing Office Christmas Party does well is not relying on offensive humour to land its jokes, but does use a few pop culture references making it scream 2016.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun, sometimes idiotic film with a few clichés, Office Christmas Party is worth the watch. Just don’t expect anything too impressive or original.


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