[REVIEW] Orange Is The New Black, Season 4, Episode 1

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

It’s back! Everybody’s favourite prison comedy-drama has returned to Netflix! Orange Is The New Black, Season 4, is available to watch now! And in true Pluto fashion, we’ll be giving you a series of reviews of the episodes! The first episode is entitled Work That Body For Me.

The big questions at the end of the last season were about Alex and Aydin, the prison guard who was sent to get her, as well as  the breach of the fence leading to the lake. Oh, and did we forget to mention that there are masses of new inmates?

Spoilers incoming…

With the normal guards playing with riot gear, Litchfield’s Warden, Joe Caputo, has to call in the big guns to deal with it. In flood a team of six heavily armed, fully trained, riot police from Maximum Security. All black, machine guns, massive riot shields, the works.

Crazy Eyes shares a romantic moment, and makes a run for it with Kukudio, but then gets cold feet and decides to return to Litchfield before dinner. Kukudio decides, however, to wait for Crazy Eyes at a cabin the middle of the forest.

Alex, who is being strangled by Aydin, is saved by Lolly, who sees them in the greenhouse, and drags the guard off, stamping on his throat until he stops breathing. Together with Frieda, they cut up the guard’s corpse and bury him in the garden.

When Caputo finds Kukudio at the cabin, he explains that they’re relics from when the prison guards lived on the grounds. Back in his office, after a short interview, he sends Kukudio back to her bunk with no punishment, too stressed to deal with her.

This was a fairly strong episode from which to launch a new season, and so, I’m giving it…



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