[REVIEW] Seafret – Tell Me It’s Real (Album)

By Jessica Boyle - Reporter

Seafret definition: a wet mist or haze coming inland from the sea. This definition not only names the band but perfectly sums up what anyone of their songs sound like. From delicately plucked acoustics to whispering strings and melancholy vocals this album will leave you feeling satisfied.

The Duo is made up of Jack Sedman (vocals) and Harry Draper (guitarist). ‘Give Me Something’ and ‘Oceans’ are only 2 of the many brilliant songs from the album, but these may have been the two songs that took them to the top of the Hype Machine charts, twice. ‘Oceans’ alone has raked in almost 7 million streams on Spotify – the accompanying video features Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, which also has 3 million views on VEVO. The Duo were also nominated (more than once) at this year’s European MVA’s.

Seafret started out as one guitar, one voice and a set up round the pubs of Yorkshire, has now grown into something much more. The boys have already supported for the likes of James Bay and Hozier, and have played a number of festivals including Glastonbury.

Starting off album, we are greeted with ‘Missing’ which showcases the raw talent of Jack’s vocals. This song is the perfect way to begin the album as it gears you up for what more is to come. This is one of my most favourite songs off the album as it is jam packed with emotion, and by the end you begin to share these emotions.

‘Give Me Something’ has a soothing guitar riff throughout the song which makes you feel chilled, it’s a song you would come home and listen to after a long day. With beautiful lyrics to coincide this song is an all-rounder.

The uplifting and heart-warming ‘Wildfire’ is up next. It is guaranteed to have you tapping your foot along to the drum beat, humming along or even attempting to sing the lyrics. It’s such a happy song and is enough to raise spirits. It sound quite similar to some of Mumford and Sons songs.

The lyrics throughout ‘Breath’ are sang with such emotion and meaning behind them, it’s refreshing to hear. This song introduces a more dominant drum beat throughout the song than what has been heard so far, but still remains slow paced and chilled.

‘Oceans’ has such a strong start, again showing off the talent of Jack’s vocal work. It’s exciting to hear an uprising band with such talent, and original material. Again this is one of my favourites from the album and the most likely to be stuck in my head all day, especially the opening lyric ‘I want you’ as it is so beautifully sang.

‘Over’ is so different from what the rest of the album so far sounds like. It is a lot more chirpy and upbeat, even though the lyrics may not support this statement. This is just a little snippet of the different sounds this duo have to offer, and it doesn’t disappoint.

With a lovely guitar intro from Harry ‘Tell Me It’s Real’ is a song I can imagine the boys would still be able to perform in a pub in Yorkshire and have the whole place silent with all eyes on them. With not much more than the guitar and the lyrics to complete the song, their skills to perform and remain as just a duo strengthens as they sound perfect together and fully complement each other.

‘Be There’ has been beautifully written which shines through while listening. Its powerful chorus leaving you feeling all sorts of emotions. It’s quite an empowering song as it is about being there for someone, which can be a topic that some relate to even if it is not in the same sense as the song.

With a more upbeat tune comes ‘Beauty On The Breeze’ which will have you tapping along to the rhythm from the very first beat. I feel like this song would be a good one to see live as you can have a bit of a dance to it, while it’s uplifting vibe will keep the crowd happy.

‘Atlantis’ is another slow, emotional song. I think it’s about a bad time in a relationship/a breakup which is a very emotional time for anyone. The song is written so well, given it is about a bad situation it doesn’t leave you feeling sad. The lyrics are utterly compelling throughout.

With the introduction of ‘Skimming Stones’ we are introduced to muffled vocals, which disappear after the first verse and are replaced with the strong vocals we are used to. That being said, the muffled vocals sounded good, and went with the song. Another upbeat song, which will have you humming along by the time the chorus comes.

The beginning of ‘There’s A Light’ reminds me of something Paolo Nutini would release. However this soon changes. It sounds different from the other songs on the album, it sounds quite edgy in comparison.

‘To The Sea’ shows the introduction of strings to accompany the boys. Rosie Carney’s vocal work also makes an appearance, which works so well with Jacks vocals creating such a lovely sounding duet. This song however leaves you feeling emotional afterwards rather than uplifted. However this doesn’t take the shine off the song.

‘Out Of Nowhere’ is my favourite song off this album. It does its job perfectly and has you singing along to the chorus, even long after the song has finished. I can imagine this song featuring on a romantic film in the future. It’s a perfectly put together piece of music.

‘Overtime’ is the last song on the album (other than a live version of ‘Oceans’) It’s a lovely end to a chilled album. It’s a slow, uplifting song with the guitar strumming along on the chorus, perfectly coincided with the vocals, leaving you in a happy mood it is a strong finish to a beautiful album.

‘Oceans BBC Live Version’ shows the true talent of this Duo, sounding exactly like the album version, it gives me great hope for what is to come from these boys in the future.

‘Tell Me It’s Real’ is a beautifully put together album, with many emotions scattered throughout the songs. The duo work together perfectly and fully compliment one another, which is refreshing to see from upcoming artists. I am confident that there is still new talent to be found, with new and original ideas and Seafret is a great example of this.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these boys with such good talent.

What do you think of Seafret? Give them a listen below!

5 Stars

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