[REVIEW] Stereophonics – White Lies

The Welsh band’s new single White Lies comes from their from their number one album ‘Keep The Village Alive’.

Along with the announcement of their summer shows, White Lies will be set for release on 8th April.

Already certified gold, ‘Keep The Village Alive’ has produced some exciting singles including my personal favourite C’est la Vie.

The new stuff doesn’t sound like themselves, in fact I don’t think they would be recognisable without Kelly Jones’ outstanding vocals. That being said, I don’t mind their new music – in fact, I enjoy it a lot. Their older gear sounded almost raw in comparison to the newer cleaner sound. If we compare Bartender and the Thief to C’est La Vie then it’s difficult to call what they’ve changed.

Onto the single itself, overall I’m very impressed with the track. During the chorus, it sounds a lot like U2’s Where the Streets Have No Name. The beginning of the track had a completely different Stereophonics take on it with the use of a piano! (Is there anything Kelly Jones can’t do?) The song itself as a whole is a new, nevertheless very enjoyable sound. I hope they carry on with the way they’ve constructed this track as it’s very different for them. The background music compliments Jones’ vocals perfectly.

The video that coincides with the music features footage of their December UK tour, arguably to excite fans that are anticipating their summer tour! I hope they continue with their great work and announce more shows in the near future!



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