[REVIEW] SWMRS – D’You Have A Car?

Chloe Street

Drive North speeds with an abundance of teenage angst and powerful energy to fuse into an onslaught of gleefully raucous mayhem.

The track ‘D’You Have a Car’ is the 9th track on the album, which pounds with bass and drums. It is clearly very heavily influenced by FIDLAR’s distinct punk-rock sound which is hardly surprising as Zac Carper, frontman of FIDLAR produced the album. Their love for Northern California and hate for Los Angeles is one of their albums biggest inspirations, and their home town of Oakland (“Webster, Broadway, Oakland save me”) is referenced to in this track.

Overall the track creates an anthem embracing the modern day confusion of growing up, that would fit very well in the soundtrack of a coming of age movie. It is a post angst collection of deep and relatable lyrics (“my bedroom walls are feeling more like prison”) that do a good job reminding you you’re not the only one trying to break societies unattainable expectations.

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