[REVIEW] The Girl On The Train

Caitlin Mclaren

We all know that feeling of waiting for a train that has been delayed for ages and it still is yet to come, well this is exactly how The Girl On The Train made me feel.

Adapted from a best-selling novel, the story follows a divorced, drunk Rachel who travels via the same route everyday. As she stares out the window, she starts to idolise Megan, a lonely housewife. Once Megan goes missing, Rachel believes she can help track who is responsible.

I’ll admit, I haven’t read the book so this left me open-minded about the whole concept of the plot. But, to my despair, I managed to guess the ending to a ‘thriller’ that was supposed to leave us guessing until the last minute. This was by a simple process of elimination – not exactly what I hoped for from a critically acclaimed, suspense driven book.

The one thing that kept me going throughout the piece was that I kept trying to guess if Haley Bennett was Jennifer Lawrence or just a cheap version.

The dull, grey setting in which most the film captured reflected how Rachel is supposed to be feeling, alone and tired but the only emotion I felt was drained as the story was dragged out for a whole 2 hours. The tone didn’t really change either, the slow pace made scenes hit a little too close to reality. The most credible part of the film was Emily Blunt’s acting when Rachel was drunk, she done a good job at figuring out the mystery after a couple of bottles of vodka. Wow, you should see me after a couple of jagerbombs.

Altogether, the disappointment wasn’t worth me paying for (Thank God for Odeon Limitless). I hope someone out there at least enjoyed a part of the film because I struggle to even name a good part of the film.




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