[REVIEW] The Lego Batman Movie

Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

I guess I like to fight around…

I will be honest, when I decided to go watch this as an avid Batman fan, I was really nervous but something about the lego version of the dark knight made me break down in hysterics…multiple times.

The thing with Batman is that even though they are meant to be superhero movies, they have contemporary issues which makes them more for adults. I often hate when Batman is made into a child gimmick.

But this film is different…

Firstly, there’s references for us oldie fans! Including to the movies, several villians which haven’t been introduced to the cinematic universe just yet and tons of antidotes!

Secondly, their use of extras, without giving too much away, Voldermort is perfect. In fact, it makes you think why hasn’t there been a crossover like this before!

Lastly, who doesn’t love a film that is based around the fact that it’s cool to have friends and reflects a Bruce Wayne that is much like yourself. A man who often finds himself, chilling on his own, not taking responsability for his actions sounds just like me currently in my third year!

Altogether, it’s a heartwarming film. One that i’d definitely be up for watching numerous times and will slot nicely into my DVD collection once it comes out. I expected nothing less from the studios that made The Lego Movie!

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