[REVIEW] The Purge: Election Year (Blu-Ray Release)

Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

To celebrate the release of The Purge: Election Year, on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 26th from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, we are going to look into why the latest instalment of The Purge was by far one of the best thrillers of 2016. 
In an all too scary realization of how The Purge could come to light with the recent election of Donald Trump, the film delves into the political aspect of the annual massacre.

For those who aren’t familiar with the ‘The Purge’, it is an annual event in which all crime is legal including murder. But this is election year, so it wasn’t going to be that simple. For another twist, all levels of politicians have been also been lifted of restrictions. This is due to the fact that Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) has vowed that if she gets in power, she will scrap Purge night.

The altogether cinematography is amazing, the visuals of the outfits in which people wear is always my favourite part of this film collection. In Election Year, we seen creepy distortions of former United States Presidents being worn by ‘Murder Tourists’ who travel in from different countries in order to celebrate The Purge alongside Americans. The rich neon colours stand out within the dark, scary, murder filled night.

The tone of the film is heavy but almost comical at times, for example, at one point the senator nearly finds herself cut in half by a massive axe which was just set up by a bunch of men seeing who they can kill just for fun. So although there are numerous dark moments, there is a humorous undertone at times.

The sound is key at times, it brings a realistic element to the scene. When people are hanging, there is an illusion of silence, it really plays on the emotions as it is a daunting scene to witness. The music throughout, including Miley Cyrus’ Party In The USA adds to the cinematography of the scene as it gives an opportunity to show the characters almost in music video style.

I’m a big fan of Frank Grillo’s character, Leo Barnes, as he is an all round badass through the second and third installments. I think the characters air of mystery adds to the whole film. The inclusion of the neo-nazis in Election Year also gives a political element that many may not have thought of. But my favourite character has to be Brittany Mariable’s character who is a mental school girl on a murderous rampage on those who have crossed her throughout the year…including her parents.

All in all, I think The Purge: Election Year has to be the best film out of the bunch due to the fact it has so much twists and turns that you can hardly keep up and it really does capture the aspect of Purge Night.

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