[REVIEW] The Strumbellas – Spirits (Single)

By Ashleigh Clarke - Reporter

The Strumbellas are a band you hear in passing on the radio and never seem to remember their name, never mind how iconic it might be. I know because this happened to me.

This six piece indie pop grass band hail from Canada and have just released their third album titled ‘Hope’ back in April and their song ‘Spirits’ is their first single from the album which has been getting significant airplay since its release.

It’s a tune that starts off slow but eventually kicks in and keeps up that folky vibe all the way through, but has elements of indie-rock thrown in there to give it a more mainstream sound.

You can see yourself dancing in a crowd singing along, amongst sweaty festival goers while the sun shines down upon everybody. Or from personal experience, belting out the lyrics while you clean the kitchen. It’s good for either.

It’s a fun, catchy summer song that I see getting more and more popular as time goes on.

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