[REVIEW] Tom Odell – Wrong Crowd (Single)

Ashleigh Clarke

Tom Odell was the 2013 Brit Award winner for the ‘Critics Choice Award’ and was nominated for two more the following year.

You might remember him from the Christmas advert a couple of years ago, you know, the emotional one with the penguins? It seems like Tom is here to stay with his next debut album, following on from his million selling number one record ‘Long Way Down’ which earned him the Ivor Novello Award for ‘Songwriter of the Year’. This one is set for release on the 24th June, coincidentally named the same as his brand new single ‘Wrong Crowd’ released only last week with a video to go alongside it.

The song itself is quite mellow with an underlying theme of eeriness at the beginning, the haunting use of the drums and his voice marry well to create something truly wonderful. It starts to pick up as the melody drives on and soon starts to become catchy and memorable. The whistling accompanying the song and the sound of a slight electric guitar solo in the background gives the sound of modern electronic-pop with a splash of early rock and roll.

The album is available now to pre order and consists of 11 tracks, and even a deluxe edition of the album with additional songs will be available to purchase as well. He speaks of his album in a more mature way, and it derives from personal experiences to give it that more real and honest vibe. He says he wanted to ‘create a world with a heightened sense of reality’, and worked with Jim Abbiss, who has also produced records for acts like Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and even Adele to achieve it.

His new album will be one definitely worth listening to.

5 Stars

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