[REVIEW] Tove Lo – Ladywood (Full Album)

Grammy nominated and multi-platinum artist, Tove Lo, released her most anticipated album ‘Lady Wood’ on October 28th 2016 with Polydor Records.

Following her previous album, ‘Queen Of The Clouds’, where the album was split into three intimate chapters (‘The Sex,’ ‘The Love,’ ‘The Pain’) – Lady wood is divided into two concepts which shares what the Swede describes as “the emotional curves I go through when I’m chasing any kind of rush.”

The first half, entitled ‘Fairy Dust’, channels anticipation and the “tingling sensation of sex” as said on her press release. She declares herself “fine as f**k” on ‘Influence’ which features rapper Wiz Khalifa and goes on to sing about hook ups on ‘Lady Wood’ and ‘True Disaster’. ‘Cool Girl’, which reached Top 20 on Spotify’s Global Chart. Tove Lo’s ability to combine pop with electronic elements becomes her signature sound which can be heard in her 2014 hit single ‘Habits (Stay High)’.

Following ‘Fairy Dust’ is ‘Fire Trade’ with the Lo singing about loneliness and vulnerability in “Imaginary Friend’ and ‘Flashes’. Of course The Weeknd features in ‘Don’t Talk About It’ which leads to ‘Keep It Simple’ where she sings about emotional unavailability.

The Swedish pop sensation finishes off with ‘Flashes’ and ‘WTF Is Love’ capturing the moment the thrill has worn off. She admits, “You feel a little bit uneasy. And you really want to chase the first feeling again.”

Tove Lo’s persona brings adult themes and scenes of a sexual nature with collaborators such as Lorde, producer Joel Little and Max Martin’s protégé Ilya Salmanzadeh to chart-friendly pop since 2014. It will be interesting to see where she places in the charts in the future with the rise of urban artists currently dominating the field. Will the Swede still remain relevant?

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