[REVIEW] Trey Songz – Nobody Else But You

Janeth Mwasa

It has been two years since we heard from Trey Songz. I think we are all a little glad that he’s finally back with an amazing new album that is about to drop on March 24th. Tremaine the album, will be Trey’s seventh studio album, the follow up to 2014’s Trigga, the album.

Five videos of his new songs have already been released on his YouTube channel. The songs can also be downloaded from iTunes and other platforms. One of the songs I’ve been listening to is Nobody Else But You, which is quite an interesting song. On the video we see this vulnerable side of him which is unexpected because when you think about Trey Songz you think Trey Songz the playboy or Mr. Steal Your Girl. That’s the image he has always painted himself from the beginning of his music career. So seeing him singing about how he’s in love with this girl and he doesn’t want anybody else but her, it makes you feel sorry for him in a way but also feel proud for him as he makes you think that maybe he’s not the playboy anymore. And maybe he has finally reached the point in his life where he wants to settle down with the right girl and have a family. He actually even talks about having a family in his song Playboy. He even speaks about his mother wanting him to settle down and have kids. I was shocked when I heard the song.

It does feel a little weird seeing him pouring his heart out on Nobody Else But You, and I keep trying not to laugh at the situation but I must admit the song is actually cute. Plus, have you noticed how all the girls from the video look really simple, natural and just plain beautiful? I really like that, especially the main girl that’s acting as his girl. Her natural looks and with full on clothes: something that you don’t see every day in music videos! Plus, her acting was really good because she showed the emotions of what women go through when we’re hurt, and what we deal with really well.


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