[REVIEW] Twenty One Pilots – Lane Boy (Single)

Ashleigh Clarke

If you know the Alternative rock duo Twenty One Pilots, then you know they have managed to take the world by storm in just under a year. Their album ‘Blurryface’ has been deemed the 5th most streamed album on Spotify in 2016, selling over 2 million copies of it in just the UK alone.

Or you might just know them from their hit song ‘Heathens’ they did for the blockbuster movie, ‘Suicide Squad’.

Their latest single ‘Lane Boy’ is a song that you can tell comes straight from the heart. It’s a brutally honest rap, spitting out lyrics that portray the constant battle between the artist and the music industry.

To me, Tyler sings of not having enough freedom when it comes to writing your own music and having to follow a concrete set of rules – although these rules make you bucket load money (sometimes), songs tend to lose their meaning if their constantly being churned out, sounding less and less sincere. Especially if what the artist is trying to do is relate to their fans.

Pairing these lyrics with the fast paced drum beat and addictive electronica, you’ve got yourself what the kids call ‘a banging tune.’

It’s a song that you could listen to at a rave or just driving in your car, it has that 90’s house drum and bass feeling, which although I’m young and that ‘doesn’t take me back’, I do appreciate a song that is a mixture of genres rather than just one, I feel that’s what gives songs more of an edge – and this definitely has one.

Twenty One Pilots are a band that definitely aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and I for one, can’t wait to hear more music from them.

5 Stars


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