[REVIEW] Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

Jessica Boyle

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Two Door Cinema Club finally made a return with the release of their single Gameshow.

It was in early 2016 the band made the announcement of new material, presumably their third album. Then in April 2016 came the actual announcement of their third album (titled Gameshow), and the news that it has been completed. Following up from their album release the three piece announced on twitter they would be performing at Glastonbury that summer.

The intro of the song reminds me of Neon Trees – Animal. However, this changes as soon as the lyrics begin. The song does still remind me of another song throughout though, I just can’t put my finger on which song it is. It has a very 80’s vibe about it while still trying to remain new and original. While the single gets my foot tapping along when I’m listening to it, I don’t find it that great which doesn’t interest me as to what is yet to come from the band. Personally I don’t think it sounds like the stuff they have previously released and while bands are constantly changing their sounds, I don’t think this one works very well.

However, if it is your cup of tea then you can see the band live as they have released UK tour dates for early 2017. Which some dates, I should add, sold out in a morning, meaning more dates had to be added.

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