Maria Jacovou

In an age where lyrics are forgotten and crappy sounds are passed for lyrics, Vant definitely goes old school in their ‘politically minded pop-music’.

Their new album ‘Dumb Blood’ is filled with politically charged lyrics with aim to make us stop and think, focusing purely on the shambles that we call society.

With digs at Tony Blair, and police brutality in America, this is not an album for those who care little for politics and the goings-on of the world. Although some topics are easy distinguish, there are some songs that aren’t quite so clear as to what the message is. The album, which was released on the 17th of February, contains Mattie’s harsh vocals and chords, which are most definitely the right tone to match his discordant lyrics. There is quite clearly a disdain for the current generation demonstrated throughout the album and this is particularly highlighted in the song ‘lampoon’. It is within this song that Mattie’s voice began to remind me of Kurt Cobain…

While the album starts of a little shaky with the song, ‘Are We Free’, it soon redeems itself. The song has an unnecessarily long intro, lasting an entire 3 minutes! It’s becomes rapidly easy to be exposed to boredom and is not unsurprising that I became disillusioned with the album early on.

However, the album quickly redeems itself with song after song being better than the one before. More importantly, each song that follows is significantly shorter too.

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