[REVIEW] Walking On Cars – Everything This Way (Album)

Jessica Boyle

Irish rockers Walking on Cars are set to make their mark on the UK, with their album ‘Everything This Way’ recently released, including their hit single ‘Speeding Cars’. The band, from Dingle, an Irish costal town have been gathering a loyal fan base in their homeland over the past two years. 

‘Everything This Way’ was the first alum to knock Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ off the Irish charts after 12 weeks at number one.

Kicking off the album with ‘Always Be With You’. A great song to start the album with as it is catchy. The repeated lyric ‘I’ll always be with you’ get stuck in your head including the backing singing from Paul Flannery causing you to want to listen to the song numerous times. It is packed with emotion showing the potential for the rest of the album.

The next song on the album is ‘As We Fly South’, starting off slowly it has a more chilled vibe to it. The beat picks up after the first chorus, but is overall a slow song.

‘At Gunpoint’ is a song to sing along to. With the slow verses and the upbeat tempo of the chorus it is the perfect combination to make you want to go to a festival and watch the band perform. Singing about what seems like a bad time in a relationship, the lyrics are full of emotion, which shines through while listening making it relatable for people who have been in similar situations.

Unlike any of the songs so far ‘Catch Me If You Can’ begins with a piano riff from Sorcha Durham. Like previous songs the verses of the song are quite slow, with a speedier chorus. However it does not feel like the songs are repetitive as they all have an individual sound. Towards the end of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ there is a break in lyrics where Dan Devane plays the guitar accompanied by Evan Hadnett  playing a drum beat in the back ground which gets you involved, clapping and dancing along.

‘Don’t Mind Me’ again starts with a passionate piano riff, following on with equally passionate lyrics. It’s a song you have to listen to, to really appreciate it. It has more of a sad feeling to it, even though the lyrics throughout the album have been heartfelt the music is somewhat uplifting, however the music stays slow throughout this song working alongside the lyrics to create a melancholy feeling.

Beginning with slow strums of the guitar ‘Flying High Falling Low’ doesn’t really pick up in pace. At one point Patrick and Sorcha sing the same lyrics together which works really well and fits with the general mood of the song. On a whole it’s quite relatable which make it all the more enjoyable to listen to.

One of the faster paced songs on the album ‘Hand In Hand’ has more of a soft rock sound to it. Kick starting with the piano, followed by the drums this song will have you tapping along. It is one example of the bands ability to do a faster paced song without changing their sound completely.

‘Love Backs Down’ remaining slow but with a constant drum beat throughout still catches the listener’s attention. ‘Are you gonna lead your love back down’ is just one of the many lyrics that will get stuck in your head. It is repeated throughout the song, so towards the end you’ll be singing along as if you’re the lead singer.

‘Ship Goes Down’ is an enticing song which doesn’t disappoint. With a very memorable chorus, it’ll have you feeling emotional by the end. It makes you feel every sensation Patrick Sheehy is feeling while singing.

‘Speeding Cars’ is probably the most known song off this album, being recently released it has gathered tones of coverage on the radio. This song will have you singing along from the very first time of listening. The piano throughout makes the song even more enjoyable. The general tune of the song will have you swaying along while singing ‘Heya’.

The beginning ‘Tick Tock’ jumps straight in with the guitar which plays an enticing tune, exciting you to find out with what the rest of the song is going to be like, and it doesn’t disappoint. Again like ‘Speeding Cars’ it had me singing along from the very first listen. With breaks right where they needed to be, this is a really enjoyable song.

The last song on the album ‘Two Stones’ is the perfect ending to a brilliant album. The song has a generally happy sound to it, however the lyrics may not back this up. This song will stay with you for a long time, forcing you to go back and listen to it more than once. It is not too slow and leaves you wanting more.

While listening to the album I realised Patrick Sheehy sounded a lot like Charlie Simpson, and would recommend fans of Fightstar to give this band a listen to.

Even though there is a lack of upbeat songs on this album, I only have praise for it. It is clear to see a lot of hard work has gone into the making of this album with every song being emotional and in some way relatable. I feel as though I have repeated myself a lot throughout this review, but each song is similar and completely different in its own way.

I would highly recommend listening to this album as I guarantee after a few times of listening you’ll be singing along to each and every song. I look forward to hearing more from Walking On Cars in the future.


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