[REVIEW] Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk

By Ashleigh Clarke - Reporter

So since leaving One Direction only less than a year ago, ex boy bander Zayn Malik seems to be on a role with his new single ‘PILLOWTALK’ which debuted only a couple of weeks ago. He seems to be leaving nothing to the imagination as the song explicitly talks about sex with a hint of self-discovery.

He stated in a recent interview that he was feeling restless and wanted to leave the band after only a year, even though this opportunity brought him countless sold out shows, a dedicated fan base and international fame, Malik went solo to make ‘real music’ paying homage to the artists who inspired him as a youngster.

The single itself could be described as being erotically charging as each verse builds you up for the chorus which is guaranteed to have anybody grinding in synchronisation on the dancefloor.

Regarding other ways in which songs talk about sex so brutally boldly, Malik himself hints towards underlying themes of romance and passion in the lyrics. He sings about holding his partner close, never wanting to let go while not so subtly singing about raunchy love making in a positive light.

The music video accompanying the song is creative in ways which it shows women as art, rather than portraying them as sexual objects. Gigi Hadid – a model rumoured as Malik’s new girlfriend makes an appearance looking as elegant as ever, even sharing a sneaky kiss or two with the 23 year old heartbreaker.

Within the past week, the single has made it to number one already in the charts and we can tell he’s not shy about leaving a new set of footprints within the music scene.


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