SAC to take a stand against NUS

nus-logoBy Emmi Bowles – Editor-in-Chief

Students’ Union elected officers across the UK have signed a petition against the NUS  motion to boycott Coca Cola.

The boycott would see Coca Cola and its associated brands  removed from the NUS Services Limited buying consortium which is currently used to bulk buy items for Students’ Unions.

NUS want to place a boycott of Coca Cola because the company has been placed on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign list. This is because the Coca Cola Israel franchise operates factories in, what many in the international community regard as, illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory.

Last year the NUS voted to adopt the BDS policy and therefore NUS is not allowed to support BDS listed products or companies.

If this boycott were to go ahead then Coca Cola and the other brands owned by the company could become more expensive for students at SU outlets.

UCLan Students’ Union President Josie Linsel said: “The National Union of Students (NUS) is a national confederate of Students’ Unions which is intended to advance the student movement by strengthening the Unions with which students interact.

“I believe that the policy of NUS should reflect what issues are affecting Students’ Unions throughout the UK based on the fact that those SUs are representative of their members.

“As the lead representative of students at UCLan, I believe that the vast majority of our students would not welcome the boycotting of Coca-Cola products.

“Not only would they, I believe, not welcome the products disappearing from the shelves, but also the additional impact that it would have on the Union’s commercial ventures – of which the profit pays for union activities such as club and society funding.

“Coca-Cola owns numerous other confectionary brands and the impact from loss of sales could be devastating.

“As such, I signed the open letter asking NUS to reconsider its stance.”

A total of 4 out of 5 UCLan SAC members have signed the open letter so far.


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