Salmond – “Corbyn Coup is to Protect Blair”

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair (left) and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn (right)

Former First Minister of Scotland and Member of Parliament for Gordon Alex Salmond has said today that the coup against Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is to protect former Prime Minister Tony Blair against the possible findings of the Chilcot Report, a report which will detail the results of the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War.

Salmond, who played a pivotal role in the movement to impeach Blair, wrote:

“Would it not have been more sensible and certainly less damaging simply to put up another candidate against Corbyn and argue the case to the country? So what exactly was the urgency in getting the removal vans to visit the Corbyn’s office last week?

“I had a conversation on [this with Labour MP] Dennis Skinner. He answered in one word “Iraq”. [Skinner said] hat the coup was timed to avoid Corbyn calling for Blair’s head next Wednesday from the Despatch Box. Indeed many would say that when Corbyn stated that he would be prepared to see a former Labour Prime Minister tried for War Crimes then he sealed his fate as leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party.”

With the International Criminal Court today said that it could not prosecute Blair for war crimes as the “decision to go to war is outside its remit”. The ICC then added that individual British soldiers could be. The ICC Prosecutor’s Office said that the ICC is looking at introducing a ‘crime of aggression’, but added that it “has not yet crystalised and in any event, will not apply retroactively.”

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