Save Our Guild Wheel

Hannah Mason, Editor-in-Chief

The Preston community unites to help Save Our Guild Wheel.

Save Our Guild Wheel is a campaign which has been initiated by the Guild Wheel Users Group to protect the much loved area from the threats posed by existing and proposed new housing developments.

The Preston Guild Wheel is a 21 mile “Greenway” that encircles the city of Preston and took over a decade to create, linking the city with the countryside and be both a walking a cycling route used by over 100,000

The area was built by Lancashire County Council with the support of Preston City Council and the significant input of volunteers from the Guild Wheel Users Group, the Guild Wheel has been created as a lasting legacy for the 2012 Preston Guild. The housing developments are planned for location on quiet country lanes, which are frequently used by walkers and cyclists as part of the Guild Wheel.
According to the Guild Wheel Users Group, “these developments are already severely undermining the high safety and environmental standards of the Guild Wheel. Better accesses are available nearby, which are much less destructive to the Guild Wheel, but sadly these are being ignored in the developers haste to build the new estates.  If more are approved they will undoubtedly deter its great use, especially by the most vulnerable of road users.”
Many visitors to the Guild Wheel include UCLan’s students, especially with the natural links to UCLan Sports Arena and the arena’s new Back 2 Biking scheme.
Wheel image
After months of lobbying by Guild Wheel supporters, the Lancashire County Council is holding a meeting in order to hear the views of those who want  to save the Guild Wheel from being built over. The meeting will take place on 26th May at County Hall. Students’ Union President, Josie Linsel, urges students to go along and pledge their support to a ‘lasting legacy.’
“The Guild Wheel was built for future generations of Preston to use. Sir Tom Finney himself was a huge supporter and raised thousands of pounds for its construction and preservation. Sitting back and letting the Council build over parts would be devastating to the wheel and what it provides. Please join me and the rest of your Student Affairs Committee (SAC) at County Hall to listen to the discussion and show your support! We’ll meet in the Opportunities Centre at 11:50 and leave at 11:55”
A Facebook event for the lobby at County Hall can be found here.
You can also sign the petition here.

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