#SAYNO to sexual harrasment

BANNER 2By Abi Donoghue – Culture Editor

UCLan’s Students’ Union #SayNO campaign has started up around campus.

#SayNO is encouraging students to; report incidents of sexual harassment, even if it is someone they do not know. They are also encouraged to challenge acts of sexual harassment when they see it happening and report it to a member of staff if they do not feel comfortable.

Students should also talk to their friends about it and make sure they know what it is and why it’s no okay, and think about their actions to make sure they are not intimidating or offensive, as harassment is not always intentional.

The idea of the campaign is to make everyone, staff, students and visitors alike, feel comfortable and safe in a positive environment.

Campaigns officer, Lucy Haigh said: “Sexual harassment can happen to anyone and we want to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable on campus and in Preston! We hope to make a real impact towards reducing sexual harassment and improving the way in which students can report incidents and get support if they need it.”

Students can take the pledge online and learn more about how to report sexual harassment on the Student Union website. You can also like the ‘SayNO’ page on facebook.

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