Sheepy, a trio from Liverpool, have recently released their debut, self-titled album under Blang Records.

The group give off a pop-punk revive genre, and their first album makes them sound like their main influence is The Wombats, another Liverpudlian band.

However, Sheepy has a more generic sound and they are trying too hard to be quirky and liked. The similar sounding tracks that fill the album make it hard to hear the unique voice from the lead singer.

Sheepy seems fresh from bedroom rehearsals, but with a bit of time, experimenting and more experience in the industry, then maybe they will develop a distinguishable identity for the band.

Many of the songs are unimaginative with too many moments of repetitive lyrics. Other songs on the album such as ‘Warwick Hunt’ are quite similar to so songs of quirky bands such as Scouting for Girls and The Hoosiers.

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