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She’s Gotta Have It follows the life of Miss Nola Darling (played by the perfectly cast DeWanda Wise), a polyamorous, pansexual, black artist living in Brooklyn, New York.

Dating three men, and a woman, whilst struggling to make ends meet, this romantic cliché goes above and beyond the average American comedy. Don’t mistake this for another sitcom, or expect it to have you howling till the sun sets; Nola’s story is one to be taken seriously, with some fun pokes thrown at life along the way.

Based on Spike Lee’s 1986 film of the same name, it’s hard to describe this Netflix Original as a remake, as it wavers more to an insightful modern day re-telling.

A clear amends for his past cinema mistakes, Lee drops any form of the male gaze, adopting a consistently outspoken feminist undertone that pulses alongside the tranquil charm that is Nola Darling’s life.

Depicting real, relatable people in a unique situation, Spike Lee’s series is a new type of comedy for a millennial audience. Complimented by a brilliant and vivid colour palette, a soft glow that lines every scene and homages to classic cinema vibrating throughout, the tale of Nola Darling and her not so simple life is unforgivably easy on the eyes.

Daring to be heard, the story of Nola Darling is oozing with black excellence, female empowerment and social truth. It embraces the black female form. It shouts female sexuality.

Touching on an array of social issues such as #BLACKLIVESMATTER and featuring the powerful artwork of Tatyana Fazalizadeh, She’s Gotta Have It strives to inspire, to keep you thinking long after the credits run.  And oh, does it ever.

A rollercoaster of realness, this 10 part series, loaded with a female voice, makes for a perfect binge on cold nights.




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