Single VS Being In A Relationship At University

Anita Kuambana - Reporter

I was single when I got here, then I was in a relationship and broke up so I get the subject; these are my points on it. I’m talking about my case so if you don’t relate oh well.

So how is it being in a relationship at university?

Well, being in a relationship is somehow a relief. I say this because there are times that you get home all stressed, after a long day at university and you have someone to comfort you. It’s not the same thing as going to the pub with the boys or doing your nails with the girls. With your boyfriend/girlfriend you have a deeper connection and you can always cry in despair on their lap.

Sometimes you feel low with so many assignments to do, so crying is the only way to get over it. It’s better to cry on your boy’s / girl’s lap than your friend. Kind of awkward walking back to them like “sorry for crying last time bro”. You can always go on a “Baecation” and this translates too, little vacations with bae.

They can be for two or three days just to run away from the normal university life and with your partner it’s always going to be fun, if you go explore Birmingham that’s enough.

They can make all the difference from a grumpy morning to a wonderful morning, when you see that good morning text. The thought that someone loves you is just; I can’t even explain but it’s definitely different from a family love or friends love.

There are some bad sides to it like, it’s harder to concentrate on work for example when you have an argument and you just keep thinking of it; what could you have done differently?

There are times that you already planned to go for a date but you have to cancel on them because you received a last-minute work deadline. Then that fight is in your head. Should I do the work or go out?

Now how is it being single in university?

I can start by stating that if you just came out of a relationship you feel a little bit lost, you try to find yourself and when you do it feels weird the whole dating thing. You try to change yourself so you don’t attract the same type of people who also start walking different paths. I believe that this makes it hard to have friends as your guard will be up, you don’t want to end up hurting yourself again.

If you came to university single, well that’s a different story. A friend for everybody who cares. When you are single, you can use your university time, you will have enough time to do as many sport you want in one day and also go out with your FRIENDS. When your single it doesn’t matter if you have friends from the different sex, no one to talk you out of it, unless they’re flirting and you don’t like that person that’s another story.

There is this huge sense of freedom that comes with being single, you can enjoy your wonderful student finance on yourself. No valentines gift, extra Christmas gifts or just gifts to show love. I mean you can always show love to yourself buy new clothes and just shine around campus. You definitely have enough time to do your work with no excuses, it’s not like having a partner is an excuse but they definitely distract you.

Sometimes it can be sad I mean look at all them couples that look happy with matching clothes.



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