Sleek Contour Kit Review


By Chloe Kenyon – Lifestyle Editor

Each month, the lifestyle team will try out a new product and provide an honest review for our students.

This month, we have chosen to review a popular beauty product; the Sleek contour kit.

Instagram feeds everywhere are filled with filtered selfies of girls with contoured skin and they have products like the Sleek contour kit to thank for their hundreds of likes.

At a reasonable price, the kit provides a dark powder to apply as your contour and lighter powder as a highlight. While the packaging is basic, the product itself is amazing. Both the contour powder and the highlight are highly pigmented and blend very easily; allowing for easy application for newbies.

The kit makes any makeup look appear polished and put together and will have you Instagram ready in no time. This Sleek palette is my favorite contour kit and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, great makeup product.

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