By Joe Young - Politics Editor

SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson

The Scottish National Party are to make a bid to oust the Labour Party and become the Official Opposition in Parliament.

With Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet Crisis, and then follow-on Vote of No Confidence, the Scottish National Party’s 54 Members of Parliament (MPs) is greater than the 40 MPs that have confidence in Corbyn. As such, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson’s 54 is greater than Corbyn’s 40, and the SNP say that Labour should step aside for “real opposition”.

Corbyn, who of a Parliamentary Labour Party of 212 MPs, is currently unable to fill the role of Scottish Secretary. The SNP, however, claim that they are ready to fill every Shadow Cabinet brief if they were to be successful.

SNP MP Pete Wishart said:

“Anyone observing the Labour Party just now could only conclude that they are nothing other than a crisis-ridden shambles of a parliamentary party.

“The parliamentary rule book, Erskine May, makes clear when it refers to the official opposition as being ‘the largest minority party which is prepared, in the event of the resignation of the government, to assume power’.

“Following the loss of two-thirds of its shadow cabinet, it is clear that the Labour Party fails this test.”

He then challenged the critics of Corbyn to institute a formal leadership bid if the Labour Party wished to keep their role, and their ability to assume power.

Shadow Chancellor, Labour MP John McDonnell said:

“[The SNP would] always play a few stunts and you can’t blame them for that”

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