Societies: Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

By Emili Peake

Have you searched the societies list looking for that one place where you can practice your hobby but have had no luck?

These societies used to be active but have no one to look after them:


  • Action for Charity Club
  • Age Interest Society
  • Architecture Society
  • Catholic Society
  • Conservative and Union Association
  • Darts Society
  • Debating Society
  • Dentistry Society
  • Economics and Finance Society
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneur Society
  • Fashion Society
  • First Aid Society
  • French Society
  • Grub Club
  • Headspace Society

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  • Hellenic Society
  • Human Rights Society
  • Life Sciences Society
  • Mauritian Society
  • Mind Matters Society
  • Mooting and Debating Society
  • Nerf Society
  • Post Graduate Society
  • Public Speaking Society
  • Real Ale Society
  • Rock and Thrash Society
  • Social Enterprise Society
  • Socialist Workers Student Society
  • Student Left Network Society
  • Worldwise Samba Drummers Society


Being a committee member of a society can be a great experience – not just something to add to your CV. You get to take your passion and inspire others to do so.

Olivia, the Treasurer of Pole Fitness, said: “It’s great having a say in the thing you’re most passionate about.”

Jack from B-Movie loves the fact that “you can take a fun idea with your friends and make it a reality thanks to societies”.

For Vanessa, the Societies Intern and Chairperson of the Anime and Manga for two years, has said: “Getting involved in different projects and exploring new opportunities literally changed [my] career path”.

If you would like to take on any of these fantastic societies please email to find out how!


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  1. While revived societies could be taken in a new direction to some extent, an overview of what these societies entailed previously may help in rejuvenating them. Some of them seem clear cut, others not so much.

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