Society Saves UCLan From Zombies

We’re not talking about the students that leave the library at four o’clock in the morning, we’re talking undead, flesh rotting and brain hungry. UCLan students were under attack from Zombies; but fortunately the UCLan Paranormal Society was on hand to make sure the disease didn’t spread any further than Harrington Building.

Believed to be one of the best places to start the outbreak, students have plenty of brain power and after a night out, staggering around, searching for food and smelling of something unpleasant. It would be easy for a Zombie to disguise themselves amongst the living population.

All is not lost, as Joanna, the chair person of the Paranormal Society, started off the evening with Zombie identification. Experienced in Zombie Slaying, Joanna single-handedly captured a Zombie specimen to study, as well as capturing the audience with her detailed presentation. No need to worry about an actual outbreak, this Zombie is a scare actor working for AtmosFEAR Scare Entertainment, but she was pretty convincing!

DON'T PANIC (She's not real)
DON’T PANIC! (She’s not real)

Though what was more scary, was how the different viruses, parasites and biological weapons effect the brain. The likelihood of a Zombie style outbreak is by far the most troubling part, with a mind control fungi present in the insect world; who knows how long it will be before it mutates!

Our fears were subsided when we were taught survival tips including an in depth look at which weapons to use and which part of the crisis. We had a look at a training regime, including personal fitness, skill gaining and group dynamics. At the later stages of the outbreak not only do you have to worry about Zombies ripping your head off, but other survivors with pretty short tempers! The talk featured a number of movie references, some with satyrical information like that in Shaun of the Dead and some spoilers for those that hadn’t seen season 4 of walking dead.*spoiler alert*This was to help us come to terms with the psychological damage of being a survivor, seeing your loved ones torn limb from limb and then having to shot them in the head with a shotgun!

The evening concluded with a brief session from the Zombie, showing guests how to behave like a Zombie. We learnt how to walk like a Zombie and how to make noises like a Zombie.

If learning about the paranormal is something you would like to experience, pop down to Harrington 138 on 26th January for the next meeting of the 26th January.

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