Spector Intimate Set – Head Blackburn

Spector Intimate Set
Spector Intimate Set

By Caitlin Mclaren- Deputy Sports Editor

Spector made their return with their much anticipated album ‘Moth Boys’ following their debut album ‘Enjoy It Whilst It Lasts’ which reached number 12 in the UK Album Charts. The lads from London have been doing a number of signings throughout the UK. Head in Blackburn was the only store in the North West to have an actual intimate performance giving the fans a chance to hear new material up close and personal.

As the set began, Fred Macpherson (lead vocals) thanked the fans who made it to the set as it was at the peculiar time of 1 o’clock as after the set, they were heading to Leeds for a second performance at 5 o’clock. Introducing the set was a fan favourite, ‘Chevy Thunder’, the noise of which attracted the attention of shoppers and more people started to scurry in to witness the performance. There was a sense of ease to the performance as fans in store had a relaxed vibe singing along.

Following up after was their first released song of ‘Moth Boys’, ‘Decade of Decay’. The song sounded very Joy Division-esque and the fans reacted excitably when hearing the sound of the new material, as more people continued to enter the store and took an interest in Spector.

‘Kyoto Garden’, another new track, was also promoted. The band started to react to the crowd’s mellow mood and started to seem more relaxed themselves which made the experience more enjoyable and informal to everyone. Around the room, there were compliments of Fred’s vocals as the band continued through their set.

Next ‘Never Fade Away’ chimed throughout the store. This song is arguably one of Spector’s most popular songs and gives off an infectious feel that makes your feet tap. The band got the crowd involved with the famous claps that take place within the song which glued smiles on everyone’s faces. An excitable fan chanted the lyrics back and Fred made sure to interact by pointing and singing the lyrics back in a genuine fashion.

The final song on Spector’s set list was ‘All The Sad Young Men’, which made many references to other tracks they have written in the past and left the audience with a thirst for more. The crowd was really pleased with the performance today and Spector themselves could have gained more fans. As I stood beside some shoppers who just came in to check out the band had nothing but appraisal and complimented them at the end of the set.

After the crowd dispersed into buying either the vinyl or CD, there was a queue formed to meet the band who engaged in a chat with each and every fan, where they expressed their gratitude for the support.

The humble approach Spector had spread widely through the audience. It would be encouraging to see more bands venture into free performances because not only do the fans get something back for their support but the band have the chance to gain publicity. The whole experience is a unique way of both the fans and the band coming together and getting to know each other in a personal way.

Spector’s second album ‘Moth Boys’ was released Friday 21st August, make sure to grab a copy and keep an eye out for more experiences like this.

Check out a preview of their song All The Sad Young Men


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