Star Wars & Family Guy: Match Made in Heaven or Spawn of Hell?

By Lucy Wallwork - Reporter

Star Wars, one of the world’s most loved film franchises. Family Guy, one of the world’s most loved cartoons. A loved combination of the two? Not so much. In Seth MacFarlane’s popular parody Blue Harvest the franchise is taken, twisted and moulded into something totally new. Or as most people would call it, ruined. From beginning to end, this cringe-inducing parody is filled with innuendo and moments that will spoil the films for you forever.

It is clear from the off that you have to have watched the original movies before the Family Guy episode in order to fully understand the comedy side of things. Not to mention the giant spoilers that race across the screen during the opening credits, it may seem hard to believe but, not everybody has watched the original movies.

I also believe that the choice of characters isn’t great with regards to both sides of the crossover. For example, Chris is one of the worst characters in Family Guy. He’s boring, unfunny and unpopular. Using him as the Family Guy character to play a Star Wars character as complex and interesting as Luke Skywalker was a pitiful decision by Seth Macfarlane. A better decision would have been to have Quagmire as Luke because, although he is less of an important character in the series, he has the ideal connection with Lois who plays Leia. In Family Guy, Quagmire always tries it on with Lois and in Star Wars, Luke ends up kissing Leia. Basically, there is more of a romantic connection between Lois and Quagmire than between Lois and Chris. Also, C3PO is a useless character in the films which is exactly what Chris is throughout the series.

Another character catastrophe is the casting of Obi-Wan Kenobi. In the films he was portrayed by Ewan McGregor who turned him into a loveable, reliable supervisor for protagonist Luke, Family Guy ruined this image when they assigned this role to sleazy local pervert, Mr Herbert. This casting is followed up by moments that make you cringe more than you do when your Mum sings drunken karaoke at the family party such as the part where he sings Time of your Life from Dirty Dancing. This scene has zero relation to the events that occur in the original film and, along with many other parts of this parody, appears to be MacFarlane’s attempt at forcing humour into something that wasn’t particularly funny in the first place.

Overall, the cringe-worthy scenes, poor character allocations and forced humour are certainly enough to land this particular parody in the category of the freshest of fresh hellspawn.

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