Stranger Things Season 2 – The Info

Caitlin Mclaren

One of 2016’s most highly anticipated shows, Stranger Things will be returning later this year so here is all the info you will need to know to keep you in the loop!

When is it due to be released?

Director Shawn Levy stated  Stranger Things Season 2 would not likely drop before summer. “You can do a little bit of math, we’re not magicians so there’s no way it launches in spring since I just admitted we started filming today, and we’re doing nine.”

Where’s the trailer?
Well, there hasn’t been one yet, I’m afraid. There has however been info released including this year as the release, who’s going to be directing, the episode titles and it is rumoured to be set in Autumn of 1984.

What are the episode titles?

The Boy Who Came Back To Life
The Pumpkin Patch
The Palace
The Storm
The Pollywog
The Secret Cabin
The Brain
The Lost Brother
Is Eleven returning?!

All of the kids have been confirmed…including Eleven so you don’t have to worry!

We are excited as you are so we will definitely keep you posted with details of the upcoming Netflix series!

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