Student Council Beckons

Laura Creighton - Deputy Editor-In-Chief

Image: UCLan Students' Union

The first Student Council meeting of the academic year will take place on November 2. The meeting will allow elected student representatives and the SAC to debate on the proposed big ideas.

These big ideas can go on to shape union and uni policies, allowing all students to have a say, and be represented throughout UCLan.

The ideas, which will be discussed at the meeting, have received more than 50 likes on the SU website, as voted for by students.

The ideas include:

  • UCLan to pay for thesis binding for research students as it is a requirement of the courses, and it is felt the charge is too high.
  • British Sign Language to be offered as a free language, akin to language electives.
  • Equal Access for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, calling for the uni to review and remove barriers to students affected by these issues.
  • Renaming of the SAC to ensure the roles of each elected officer are clearer to students and more in line with other unions across the country.
  • Introduction of Faculty Representative to create another layer of student voice alongside course reps and school presidents.
  • Changing Forums, such as media, sports development and academic to Communities which will be more free flowing and less formal.
  • Lastly, the Introduction of a Placement Support Officer to give a voice to students facing issue on work experience.
  • While all students are welcome to attend the student council meeting, only those elected are able to vote on issues.

The meeting will take place from 5pm in the Media Innovation Suite. To submit or vote on big ideas for the next student council meeting in February, visit the SU website.

For further information or to suggest amendments to the proposals, email

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