Student hit by car outside IQ Kopa

James Allen - Reporter

A UCLan student was hit by car outside IQ Kopa.

A young woman was hit by a car on Moore lane outside IQ Kopa at around 2pm yesterday.

A 2007 black VW Golf was stopped in the road at the incident, along with multiple traffic police up and down the road.

Traffic police blocked the stretch of Moore lane between Craggs Row and Victoria Street as paramedics and police attended to the scene.

An employee of Nisa Supermarkets on Moore lane described what she heard.

‘It sounded like she got hit at about 50 miles an hour. She was knocked into the other side of the road.’

However, a student living in IQ Kopa had a more detailed version of events.

‘The girl was crossing and a car on the other side of the road was going at about 80 miles an hour. It looked like that car distracted her and then she got hit by the Golf doing around 30.’

An ambulance was on the scene and paramedics were attending to the woman in the road and by 2:20 the scene was clearing.

Cars are very often seen speeding down this section of Moore lane, and yet there are no speed cameras or speed limit signs.

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