Students aim to raise £5,500 waxing legs


Andrew doing a 15,000ft skydive to raise money.
Andrew doing a 15,000ft skydive to raise money.

A group of UCLan students are trying to raise £5,500 for Bipolar UK by waxing their legs.

Andrew Ball, a Sports Therapy student, has already raised over £5,000 for the charity, and will embark on his next challenge with his friends to help reach his latest target on November 18.

“Come and pay £2 to make me scream,” said Andrew. He is inviting people to come help rip the strips of wax off, and donating to the cause.

Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness that affects your moods, and it gives people severe highs and lows  as well as affecting the patterns of sleep, energy, and how somebody thinks. 2.4 million people have bipolar in the UK alone.

After his Mum, who had the disorder, died when he was 8, Andrew has been striving to do whatever he can to help others who suffer from the mental illness.

He started a just giving page back in September 2013, and has raised money by doing a skydive, cake sales, charity parties and many car washes. He has hit all of his previous targets of £500 to £4,000 and is now aiming for a £5,500 target.

Due to his fundraising for the charity hundreds of people have nominated him for the Bipolar UK Fundraiser of the year award. The results will be published in January 2015.

“Most of us can all give something no matter how much you give at least you will have the feeling that you have helped someone today!” Said Andrew.

The event will take place between 12 and 2pm on November 18th in the Students’ Union.

You can support Andrew and the charity by going along to watch and donate at the event next month. You can also donate on his Just Giving page, where you will find photos and Andrew’s full story about his fundraising.





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