Students to have Meningitis W Vaccination


By Emmi Bowles – Editor-in-Chief

New and returning university students are being offered a vaccination against a new strain of Meningitis.

The rise of Meningitis W across England and Wales has caused the government to offer a vaccination to those who may be at risk.

Young adults under the age of 25 are most at risk of catching Meningitis W due to mixing with large amounts of people who may unknowingly be carrying the bacteria. Students are being advised to contact their GP for the jab.

UCLan’s Campaigns Officer Lucy Haigh is also advising students to get in touch with their GP before coming back to university due to the likelihood of the UCLan medical centre having a waiting list.

Meningitis W is a form of Meningitis. It is an infection caused by bacteria or viruses that can lead to symptoms of fever, vomiting and severe headaches.

A vaccines for Meningitis W is currently available and anyone can go to their GP for advice and the vaccine.

3 Comments on Students to have Meningitis W Vaccination

  1. It states that under 24’s are most at risk, but I myself, at 30 is still going to mix with everyone, yet I’m not offered the jab.
    I am trying to get the jab before I return for my third year but I am struggling to get anywhere with my GP.
    I don’t think age should come into it as I know that I will socialise during my time at uni.
    I could still be at risk to catch Meningitis regardless of my age!

  2. I am trying to and waiting to hear back if my GP will provide it for me.
    I have also signed up to the UCLan medical centre.

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