SU Elections 2017: Building a Campaigns Team

Joe Young - Politics Editor

‘No man is an island.’ – Anon

 Anonymous was quite correct here – if you try to win solo, unless your role is uncontested, you’ll probably lose. The campaigns with the most mileage are those with manpower.

Much like any election – be it for the City Council, Parliament, or the Students’ Union – you will need to talk to people in sheer numbers to succeed. And with the Students’ Union providing vague updates like this:

You’ll need the numbers to get as many votes as possible.

In a Campaigns Team, you’ll want people with a range of skills. You’ll want outgoing people to talk, obviously, but you can’t forget the ‘background’ people. You’d be wasting your time if you did social media yourself, when you could be going out finding votes – do you have a friend who’s not hugely outgoing to do that? You’ll need leaflets designing – do you know any creative people? You may want to do a Campaign Video (more on that later) – do you know anybody who does a media-related course?

Everybody has their own abilities. As an individual and not an Editor, I do languages. I know plenty of people who speak Mandarin and Japanese – I could speak to those and use them to try and mobilise the international students to vote – a market widely untapped.

Don’t discount any ability you may have – and finding people who do your course, or the same course as one of your Campaigns Team, is always useful. Understanding that a student may be stressed because “Susan is a hardass” or the like could put a vote in your favour.

A Campaigns Team should be like the European Union: United in Diversity

To try and do it yourself – or with six clones of you – will be limiting your potential before you start.

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