Suicide Squad: The Origins

Ellie Sutcliffe

The Suicide Squad is finally here!

For those new to the Squad, here’s a little history for you. The Suicide Squad first appeared in 1992 comic The Brave and the Beautiful. A taskforce of high security criminals was brought together by Director Amanda Waller, a ruthless high ranking government official, to undertake highly dangerous suicide missions.

The team was led by Deadshot and featured a variety of criminal supervillains through the comic’s many incarnations. Fast forward to 2011 and as the DC Universe was rebooted, so was the Suicide Squad with the major addition of Harley Quinn, a character who is now so popular that you can’t go to a comic-con without seeing several cosplayers dressed as her.

The Joker’s accomplice, sidekick and lover was first introduced in the Batman Animated Series in 1993 as a temporary lackey, but proved to be so popular she has become a supervillain in her own right. Harley’s backstory was first explored in the comic ‘Mad Love’ where Dr Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, became fascinated with the Joker. As she begins sessions with him she falls in love and follows him into the dark criminal underbelly of Gotham. Harley’s popularity earned her own comic series and later teamed up with the Gotham City Sirens (Poison Ivy and Catwoman). She’s made numerous appearances in the Batman cartoons and the Arkham Video Games.

With the film coming to the big screen, we have a lot to look forward to. Not much has been revealed about the plot, and the main villain has been hotly speculated in the run up to the release; from Harley’s Joker to Cara Delavigne’s Enchantress. After Batman Vs Superman, the film not only needs to introduce a group of characters that viewers aren’t familiar with, it also needs to pave the way for the Justice League movie. From the teasers and information we’ve been given so far, we know that we have an ensemble cast and no doubt the action will be fast and the story will be as deep and jam-packed as BvS. With a sequel and Harley spinoff already in talks, it looks like The Suicide Squad will be a deliciously dark comic outing for the DC-verse.

Margot Robbie stars in Harley’s first big screen outing on August 5rd. The film also stars Jared Leto, Will Smith, Joel Kinneman, Viola Davies, Jai Courtney and Cara Delevigne.

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