Summer Survival 2016: COLOUR

By Leah Bradford-Thom - Deputy Culture Editor

COLOUR is a 4-piece rock band from the north-west of England. Their style and tone has been described as unique, with the use of synthesised sounds and guitars side-by-side.

The band has already received a positive reaction to its previous releases, with singles Strangers and Nowhere gaining recognition by Clash and The Daily Mirror alike. To keep up the momentum that they have achieved so far, the band has already recorded its next EP. The 4-track release will feature Killer, which is being hailed as a live favourite, as well as Fiction, Kerosene, and Pendulum. Their track Fiction is available to hear on their website, for those who are eager to hear the brilliance that the EP promises to offer. The launch party for the new EP will be at Birthdays, London on Tuesday 28th June.

COLOUR is confirmed for two festival slots already, with the Great Escape next week on Thursday 19th May, as well as more local favourite, Kendal Calling, on Sunday 31st July. It is hoped that, with the buzz around their new release, more tour dates will follow in the near future.

COLOUR will be on the Piazza Music Stage at 6pm on Saturday.

For more information on the band and their latest news, find them on Twitter: @colourbanduk

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