Surviving the exam period


By Chloe Kenyon – Lifestyle Editor

It’s here. The dreaded exam period is upon us. With deadlines looming and test dates rapidly approaching, students everywhere are thinking the same thing; “how am I going to survive?”

Luckily for you, Pluto have decided to put together a list of tips, tricks and hacks for surviving the exam period. Happy studying!

  1. Revision timetables

One of the most important things to do during the exam period is to manage your time wisely. Creating a revision or work time table is a great way of doing this. Planning what you will do and when makes it much more difficult to procrastinate.

  1. Rewards

The biggest incentive for any student is getting a reward for your work. Set a goal for yourself; a certain amount of hours of revision will earn you a takeaway, finishing an assignment will earn you a pint or two – It could be anything, as long as it motivates you.

  1. Block distractions

If you’re using your computer to study or complete assignments, ensure you have everything you’ll need downloaded, then switch off your internet. The same can be done for your phone using an app called SelfControl, which will eliminate your access to selected websites for however long you choose, removing the temptation.

  1. Record your lectures

Dictaphones are free to loan from Harrington and the Media Factory and are a great way of getting all the information from your lectures. When taking notes, there is a good chance you’ll miss something important; recording them ensures you capture every word.

  1. S.O.S (Stressed out Students)

Our Campaigns Officer Lucy Haigh is organising a campaign to help students let off steam and de-stress by taking a break from exam revision, assignments and dissertations. The campaign will run from May 5-14 and include an inflatable assault course, pop up sport sessions and Lucy is even trying to arrange a puppy room. S.O.S packs will also be given out. Speaking to Pluto, Lucy Haigh has said: “I absolutely love giving out freebies to students and this is the perfect campaign to do so.”

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