Addicted...Social media is the biggest threat to Adam's degree. Image: Jason Howie (Flickr)

5 Strangest apps available for downloading

January 31, 2018 0

There are thousands of useful applications that we use each day on our phones, tablets and computers. From calculators to Facebook messenger, they provide a helping hand in our daily lives. There is however another […]



March 23, 2017 0

Produced by Woolly Jumpers Productions and the UCLan Drama Society, Trapped is a comedy play which follows a struggling playwright, Constance, who gets trapped in a play. Things go further south when she accidentally kills […]



March 21, 2017 0

In an age where lyrics are forgotten and crappy sounds are passed for lyrics, Vant definitely goes old school in their ‘politically minded pop-music’. Their new album ‘Dumb Blood’ is filled with politically charged lyrics […]


[REVIEW] Moonlight

March 14, 2017 0

Set in Miami, Moonlight follows the tale of Chiron throughout his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood as he struggles with the issues of his surroundings, identity and sexuality. With a drug addicted mother, and taken […]


[REVIEW] SWMRS – D’You Have A Car?

March 13, 2017 0

Drive North speeds with an abundance of teenage angst and powerful energy to fuse into an onslaught of gleefully raucous mayhem. The track ‘D’You Have a Car’ is the 9th track on the album, which […]


[REVIEW] James Blunt – Love Me Better

March 5, 2017 0

James Blunt has recently come back into the music scene, releasing a video for his new single ‘Love Me Better’. The single shows a different, fresher side to Blunt. The lyrics to the song contain […]

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