Talking with Martha Ruberte: Rising star of UCLan

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Regulars at Source karaoke may recognise her from semi-regular performances, or from the Avant garden event at the media factory.

Final Lullaby the debut album of a current Uclan student will hit digital stores on October 20th.

Martha Ruberte, a third year Music Practice student here at Uclan originally from Latvia, is publishing her first album. Martha is a singer/songwriter who describes her music as a mix of pop and Indie Rock although she has actively tried to mix genres in her album. Regulars at the source karaoke may recognise her from her semi-regular performances there or from the Avant garden event at the media factory. The album will be released for download at with any other sources set to be announced on her official Facebook page. For now there will be no physical copies for sale unless Martha receive significant interest in them.

When asked about who inspired her to be a singer Martha said: “My parents! My father was playing on the guitar and singing together with my mother while I was falling asleep as a child. My favourite toy since I was one was a green microphone. Sometimes I think that I started singing even before I learned how to talk.”

In regards to her musical style Martha mentions taking inspiration from Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion but said when it came to writing her songs:

“My songs are just the reflection of me, so the only influence on my music is my life, my friends and actually everything that is around me. My songs are my personal diary. I’m not really good at telling people about how I feel; I always thought that it would be easier for me to live in a musical: you just stand up, start singing and everybody around you start singing and dancing as well. When I actually feel inspiration it takes about 20 minutes to write a whole song. One day I almost missed a train because I was writing a new song and it felt like I was in a different world. I can compare the process of writing songs to a magic.”

When I asked if Final lullaby had a theme Martha confirmed there was “the whole concept of the album is really important personally to me. All the songs are really emotional, because I’ve written them about people I know. And I’ve called the album ‘Final Lullaby’ because to some of these people I’m saying ‘good bye’.”

When I asked about her experience making the album she said “It was an amazing experience, but very hard. It took a lot of emotions, time and money to actually make this album, but I think that on the way to your dream you need to close your eyes to all of the problems!”

My final question for Martha was if she had plans for after the launch her response was ecstatic: “Yes, of course! I have great plans. I cannot tell you about all of them, but I will be releasing a new music video very soon. It will be the first video that I will film in Preston, so I am very excited!”

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Christopher Daly – News Reporter

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