The Calm Through The Storm

Kirsty Moody - Lifestyle Editor


Obviously, the exam period is now over and we’re all free from semester one…. Yay!

But now comes the dreaded second semester, meaning for a lot of people it’s one thing. DISSERTATION.

Especially for me, I know when it creeps closer to march and I don’t have as much done of my final campaign and marketing report, I will be stressing and probably have a few break downs.

This is where we need to learn to take some time away, calm the mind. It’s easy to say but that’s why we’re creating a list now on how to stay calm so we can start to implement this daily rather than too late.

There’s so many people who end up burning themselves from working so hard and crashing. Breaking down tends to be a popular thing which happens closer to deadlines purely because people get themselves so worked up and stressed.

These are just a few hints and tips which you can start to implement into your routine so you don’t crash:

  1. Take some ME time, whether reading a book or watching a film
  2. Keep hydrated – mainly water
  3. Keep a diary of deadlines and organise what needs to be done for when
  4. Create a schedule for university work / jobs / social life
  5. Take breaks throughout work
  6. Eat well-balanced meals
  7. Limit caffeine and alcohol
  8. Take a walk, fresh air can re-energise the brain
  9. 30 second dance party – take inspiration from Greys Anatomy and dance it off


Even if you find yourself getting closer to the deadline or exam and you’re stressing, there will be tons of stress related activities happening around the SU, and there is also the support of your tutors and friends.

We know that there will be the Well@UCLan drop in sessions which aim to tackle issues around stress as well as many more and don’t forgot the crucial dissertation drop ins which start in February!


Do you have any stress related tips? Let us know @PulseMediaUCLan

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