The Collaborators (Premiere): Review


Directed by: Dan Ollerhead and Andy Smith

Produced by: Becky Somers and Liam Powell

Waiting in a hall, brimming with excitement were the cast and crew members of The Collaborators as they patiently waited for the film that they’ve worked extremely hard on. Speaking to various crew members I quickly figured out that everyone had put their heart into the production and are proud of their achievements in the space of a short amount of time. The overall atmosphere made me anticipate what was about to come and I was surely not disappointed.

The concept of the narrative being about two students who, after leaving university because of a bust up with their teacher, accidently commit murder. The story then follows them trying to escape what they’ve done by heading to Newcastle where they will leave the country.

With low budget films, I seem to think that the problem usually is finding actors who can play the role convincingly. I was pleasantly surprised with the female duo who were the main characters – Crista Bell (Roisin Mccusker) and Suze (Kerry Carroll). They meshed well on screen, it felt like a real friendship and the dominant and oppressive roles suited well to each character. I could see a future career for both actresses. Worth a mention as well would be the lecturer (Johnny Vivash) at the beginning of the film, for his realistic approach which was convincingly with the comedic element added!

A variety of camera shots were used that maintained a high quality standard, the stand out moment for me was when Suze was crying in the car after an incident. The shot reminded me of a scene which featured Heath Ledger’s Joker in Dark Knight, the silence whilst she’s crying gives the effect of an eerie nature. Without giving away too many spoilers, another memorable scene was etched into everyone’s mind – but you’ll have to watch the film for that!

The film was well produced and directed, the different locations used in and around Preston were used convincingly in order for the audience to think that they were in fact travelling across the country! It was a very clean cut film, in the fact that the editing was crisp, visually and sound. The film worked well flowing from one scene to another which takes a lot of organisation. To add to this, there were uses of a number of special effects that were convincing to the audience and didn’t look out of place at any one point.

For me, it reminded me of a number of films but the idea itself was unique and worked excellent! The script was well written and the actor/actresses were able to adapt script and play their characters with a realistic touch. The film was made with the British Cinema touch – a dark and dreary concept but the comedy beckons throughout!

Obviously by watching the film, we see that talent beams on screen and off screen and to create what has been done and to such a high standard had me excited. I felt like after I watched the film, I wanted to just speak about it! I would love to see the talent go forth and make other films because I’d definitely be watching their progress as they carry on!

I want to thank all the members of crew who spoke to me and ultimately the invite to the premiere! I want to wish them all the best of luck in the future.

Do you want to see The Collaborators? Or maybe you were at the premiere too? Let us know what you think about the production by dropping a comment below or tweeting us with the hashtag #Collaborators at @UCLanPluto



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