By Joe Young - Politics Editor

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In the Conservatives’ 2015 Manifesto, they committed to a review of constituency boundaries, reducing the number of Members of Parliament to 600. Much umbrage was taken to this, as instead of being based on constituency population, it’s instead based on registered electors. As such, the Tories have been accused of trying to create an in-built majority to the House of Commons. Politics isn’t easy to understand – especially statistical politics like this – so Pulse Politics are doing the legwork for you, and finding out how this would affect the UK’s political landscape.

The West Midlands (the region, not the ceremonial county) is set to lose six seats – notable losses include the seat of Jess Phillips, the outspoken Corbyn critic who made ripples when she said “I wouldn’t stab him in the back, I’d stab him in the front”, and Vote Leave campaigner and Labour MP Gisela Stuart. Additionally, former Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt would be set to lose his seat. Hunt made the press in 2015 where some argued that he hinted on BBC Question Time that Nuns made bad teachers.

The more rural areas of the region are being truly savaged, with every constituency in Herefordshire being totally redone, and constituencies overlapping into the neighbouring counties of Worcestershire and Shropshire. Key figures that are in danger here are Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid, and Daniel Kawczynski, the second ever openly bisexual MP in Parliament.

Again, this is definitely a region to watch – especially when you consider since 1979, nobody has got the keys to Number 10 without the voters of Warwick and Leamington, and Dudley South behind them.

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