The Great British Break Up

Georgie Clark

I’m sure that you will have heard the tragic news: Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc are, sadly, not going to be hosting the Great British Bake Off next year. Cue the tears. I’m not crying, you’re crying…

The show has been nurtured by the BBC since it began in 2010, but has been bought out by Channel 4. Perkins and Giedroyc were offered a whopping £25m payment for hosting, but insisted that they ‘didn’t want to go with the dough’. Please, don’t look at me. Of course, all of us look forward to the mildly terrifying Paul Hollywood giving contestants his steely, blood-curdling stare as he sinks his teeth into their macaroons. We crave Mary Berry’s confusingly sexual comments of ‘you’ve cooked your nuts nicely’ or ‘poke that jam in there, Nadia.’ But most of all, the main event has to be Sue and Mel. The double-act, that bounce seamlessly off each other as they reel off seemingly impossible recipes and instructions, in a way that makes it sound as though your three-year-old nephew could do it as well. It is safe to say that the shining beacon of entertainment will now be noticeably dimmed by the absence of the comforting comediennes.

Presenters are hugely important when it comes to producing an appealing television programme. Ant and Dec, it has to be said, are the only reason (apart from Lady C, remember her?!) that I have watched I’m a Celebrity for the last seven years. Dermot O’Leary is the charismatic glue that holds the X-Factor together… and again, Ant and Dec (seriously, who is their agent?) soiling themselves laughing during Britain’s Got Talent can occasionally be more appealing than the break dancing parrots and sword-swallowers on the stage.

Despite being offered such a colossal amount of money to present the show on a different channel, the loyalty the pair feel towards the BBC is clearly too strong to begin working with a different company. Let’s hope that their replacements are as charming and share the same heart-warming… forget it, it’ll probably be Ant and Dec, won’t it?

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