The return of Fallout!

Fallout_4_LogoBy Jack Kavanagh-Bell

For years, fans of post-apocalyptic adventure series Fallout have been eagerly awaiting the next installment in their beloved franchise. Now upon it’s launch, Fallout 4 has had more than its fair share of hype surrounding it in the build up to release.

Developed by Bethesda, the studio behind blockbuster hits Skyrim and Fallout 3, Fallout 4 picks up where its predecessor left off. With a giant, open ended world for budding survivors to wreak havoc in, players will have no end of places to explore, quests to complete and enemies to vaporize.

Bethesda have steadily released information ahead of launch, and the game looks set to take everything Fallout 3 did right and improve upon it – the character creation system has been streamlined, the world is much more vibrant and weapons can now be customized in detail to create a truly unique combat experience. The perk/skill system has been overhauled, too; as opposed to picking perks each time you level up, players can now put points into individual attributes which confer a number of benefits (akin to Skyrim’s perk system). Characters are also fully voiced, a first in the series – all of this looks like it will contribute to a level of immersion never before seen in open-world adventuring.

Pluto are going to do a review on the release so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Released on Tuesday worldwide, Fallout 4 looks set to take gaming world by storm. If you’re excited about Fallout 4, let us know with the hashtag #Fallout4 at @UCLanPluto.

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