This Is Why I Binge TV Shows…

Caitlin Mclaren


There are two types of people: The Binger or The New Releaser. I am a binger and proud. I love having a lovely little pool of series to watch whenever I want and not have to wait for nearly a year for another season to come out. 


Our friends, the new releaser, loves to ruin very good programmes week in, week out. Now, I understand their ideology. If you’re a real fan then you would watch a series on the day of release. But hey! I’m lazy and to be honest, I watch that many TV Shows that it would be an absolute nightmare trying to keep remembering certain dates of shows that come out.

I have had shows ruined for me numerous times. Cheers to that person who posted that Beth dies in the mid-season finale of Walking Dead. I really needed to see that! And those who feel the need to post Game of Thrones spoilers are absolutely ridiculous! And I do mean, the total worse. Those people shouldn’t be in your life.

So whether it be that you ‘couldn’t believe!’ who just died or thought a twist was ‘absolutely amazing’ so you feel the need to tell everyone about it. I say to those people, calm the f@#k down! Let us watch it in our own time and we will appreciate your TV watching Status a lot more!

What are you? A Binger or a New Releaser? Let us know in the comments below! 

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